Want to Get Stronger?

Chances are you’ve been doing CrossFit for long enough to realise it’s a branded functional Strength and Conditioning program. You’ve probably worked out that by following structured CrossFit programming that […]

What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit? CrossFit is possibly the biggest fitness phenomenon in the world right now. There are over 15,000 plus affiliated gyms worldwide. But more importantly, CrossFit is changing many […]

Crossfit article.

GET STRONGER!!! Take your weight training seriously. Record your numbers. Stick to the strength program. Always try to improve. Push yourself. Be scared of the weight, then overcome your fear. […]

Staying Healthy During Ramadan

Stay active Maintain your usual level of daily activity and maintain an exercise regime during Ramadan. While adjustments will have to be made in regards to the time you train […]

CrossFit: Will it make me Bulky?

As a female CrossFitter, women new to the idea of CrossFit often ask me if CrossFit will make them bulky. Although I do not, myself, see the problem with gaining […]